As you browse through our portfolio, you may notice that we have a wide range of style and perspective. We view every project as an opportunity to flex our creative muscles. Maintaining continuity within a particular project is also a goal we strive for. If you’re looking to create a particular image or video for the internet, broadcast television or presentation, we can deliver any format required.

The flexibility to apply our creativity to any project is evident in the website you’re looking at as it was also created by our studio. The possibilities are endless!



     Snaprender Animations Demo Reel

Our demo reel consists of some of our favorite animated projects. From Motion Tracking to Dynamic Fluid simulations….we love to do it all! Every project we do takes on it’s own style and although we have a style all our own and we feel that the project itself should dictate what style we go with.






 Web Design and E-commerce

Snaprender Animations is now offering Web Design and E-commerce. Although animation and special effects is our primary field of expertise we have been doing web design and E-commerce for over 15 years. Until now this service has only been offered to select clients but in an effort to expand our existing clientele we are now offering this to all new clients.

Our prices range from $600 for a basic site to $2000+ for an E-commerce site. You may find prices from other companies in this same range but the sites we build are specifically customized and designed aesthetically for your business. This is what makes our sites stand out from others.

Feel free to browse some of our recent sites below and contact us for quotes or if you have any questions.


YSOIframe-300x201Youth Speak Out International

Youth Speak Out International is a 501C3 organization that promotes media literacy as a key means of countering media stereotyping. This site incorporates custom designed features to create a visual sense of growth and knowledge and features a multi-language add-on which converts all text into a language of the users choice.





ccNewSiteThumbCrowd Control Surf Company

Local surfboard manufacturer website custom designed with integrated E-commerce solution. This site also features a promotional animation we incorporated into the site.

Currently this site is Under Construction but is due to launch within the next few weeks. Feel free to browse the site and make sure to check back soon for finished site.




 waterfrontFrame-300x201Palm Beach Waterfront Fitness

Local high end gym located in West Palm Beach which features Palm Beach waterfront views and provides professional fitness consulting.

This site has a more modern feel to it and also contains a promotional video which shows all of the amenities of the club. An added feature is the calendar which allows the client to update fitness classes.




estLinkBoxEndurance Strength Training

Endurance Strength Training’s website is the sister site to Palm Beach Waterfront Fitness. The site was built as an addition to the gym site and focuses on the personal training aspect of the gym. We decided to mimic the original site design to ensure that the users immediately understood that the two websites were connected. Both sites also cross link to the opposing site which helps differentiate the users goals.