Snaprender Animations is a small boutique 3D Animation Design Studio based in Jupiter, Florida working in the South Florida advertising market. Although we are small, we are VERY powerful and can easily produce the same degree of professional productions as the multi-million dollar main stream animation studios.

Our theory is “Bigger isn’t always better”
Larger studios require a lot of overhead which in turn means they need to make a lot of money. Office space, employee wages, insurance, etc. is why mainstream studios require a large income. We prefer to stay small and minimize our overhead costs. What does this mean to you? This means you pay less while getting the same, if not better, production as you would a larger studio. This also means you speak directly to the person doing the work. When you call us you talk to us and not an assistant or secretary.



John Teeter

Director of Operations

John Teeter is the owner and Director of Operations of Snaprender Animations and has been in the computer graphics industry for over 15 years. His creative inspiration drives him to work in a variety of styles and disciplines, and he prides himself in the ability to think “outside of the box” in all projects. John’s area of expertise is 3D Animation and Motion Graphics but is also well versed in other areas such as web development, video production, and interactive media design. Having lived in many locations such as Hawaii, Chicago, and Portland Oregon, he has returned to Florida to call Juno Beach home.

Hobbies: Surfing, Stand Up Paddleboarding, Working out – I lift things up and I put them down!, Mountain Biking, Road Biking, Playing with my faithful companion “Elphie”,  and SLEEPING!

Favorite quote: If you love your job, you’ll never work another day in your life.






Studio Mascot

Elphie is our faithful companion here at Snaprender Animations. She is 3 years old, part Beagle and part Foxhound, and was rescued a few years ago….or did she rescue us? I believe it’s safe to say she now calls Snaprender Animations her FUREVER home.

Hobbies: Morning strolls on the beach, sleeping, playing, sleeping, watching movies at night,  and SLEEPING!

Favorite quote: Arf-Arf??????